Santa Barbara

My friend Karina invited me to Santa Barbara for four days with her family. We saw all of Santa Barbara’s touristy attractions, we went to Hearst Castle, we went swimming in the ocean (so cold!), and we went shopping. I had an amazing time with my best friend!



Dad, Sheri, Kato and I at the Beach

Kato lunges after his stick.

Sheri, Kato, and Kato’s stick

Sheri and Kato

Kato and his Stick




Paw prints on the beach


Dad, Sheri, Kato, and I went to the beach in Half-Moon Bay after a nice lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. We walked the length of the beach, throwing sticks and taking pictures. Kato was a very happy dog; he had his stick and his people.

Uschi and Her Bowls

Uschi and her Bowls

Uschi and her Bowls

These are important to Uschi and must be arranged each morning. There are three: two of the same size and one a bit smaller than the others. Here, she is very proud as she demonstrates how she has figured out how the smaller bowl fits in the bigger bowl and so she can carry TWO at once.

Quite the accomplishment for our youngest.